Starring Milkweed: Candle in the Wind

This week of November has been amazing, weather-wise. Very mild and sunny and nice. So we do the things we must do, of course. And then we set off for the woods!

This day's adventures took us up onto Sandy Ridge. You may remember it as the place where we had the amazing butterfly extravaganza back in summertime. I saw so many monarchs that day, I lost count!

The monarchs are long gone now, but the milkweed remains. And it has done its November magic, and they have all turned to white floss and seeds, as the seasons turn.

I love to see them standing there on the hill like candles in the wind. For the milkweed floss truly does catch the light and then they all really SHINE. And I have faith in these seeds, for I know they grow BUTTERFLIES!!!

The soundtrack song is this one: Elton John, with Candle in the Wind.

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