Keith B

By keibr

Early Morning Work

A couple of days back I wrote that one of the joys of having a dog staying with us was being up early and out into the morning light.  Today I discovered another side to those early mornings. I was up just after 6 this morning, and planning to shortly return to my bed. But downstairs I discovered the dog had been ill in the night. Without going into detail there was a lot of cleaning up needed and it was about 90 minutes before I got my first cup of tea.
Like many dogs he does have some unsavoury eating practices and I can only suppose he came across something in our area that he doesn't have at home.   He had no interest in food until late this afternoon and at times seemed rather lethargic, though he was full on at other times.  We contacted Claire, Rusty's owner, and she gave us a couple of tips so hopefully he'll soon be in full health. He's drinking a fair bit of water. The picture with those long shadows is taken on that first walk of the day, just before 10 o'clock. The extra shows the largely ice-covered lake, and Rusty of course.
The rest of the day went to planting bulbs, and putting a roof cover on the camper van.   The ground is fairly frozen but in my latest raised bed  we could hack the frozen earth into smaller pieces and reach some unfrozen earth down a bit lower.  One way or another we got those bulbs in the ground! It got dark before we were finished with the camper van but the cover is in place and adjustments can be made tomorrow.
Grateful for bright sun, crisp air, and despite this morning, having Rusty with us again for two weeks.

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