Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips


Year 2 Day 234 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK/World Vaccine 338 days ago.  UK open. Overseas travel with restrictions.

A large photo' I took for framing (here) was ready for collection, so I drove to Risca (South Wales) to collect. It was pouring with rain but when I go back home it was dry, which tends to confirm we are geting better weather than where we previously lived.

As I was hanging the photograph (4'6" x 3') a helicopter was hovering over our rear field level with the house. I quickly grabbed the camera. The Electricity 'copter was only overhead a couple of months ago (apparently they do a yearly check) but a neighbour informs me the supply went off this morning and I assume they're checking the lines again. Great being eye level with the pilot and spotter!

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