By flavia13


Such a lovely morning this morning but I couldn't go out as I was having my covid booster and flu jabs today - eeeeekkkK!!!!

Well | did it.  The nerves kicked in again, it's just my darn phobia, but the vaccinator and the nurse recording the info were absolutely brilliant and I did it.  Wahey - so hopefully that is me sorted for at least another 6 month, maybe longer.  So far my no problems, just slightly sore arms and feeling a bit wobbly.  The wobbliness is probably more me than the jabs.  

After lunch I just popped into the garden, with my camera phone and  saw this lovely osteospermum's in a neighbours garden so I thought it looked like a cheery blip for today.   Most of the osteospermums are just about finished but this lovely one still looks really good.

That's all for today.  Do take care everyone, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.  

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