Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Waiting and waiting

The last of the chariots in the old, Venetian harbor of Chania. Hardly a tourist around these days and the horse noticebly was fed up of the waiting; stomping its front feet on the pavement several times.

No rain today & temps mild again.

I needed a few poststamps and got to the postoffice; the national postoffice that was here for ages, has been left and because several services of the postoffice are demanded still, and probably for ever, a semi private organisation ELTA opened up a smaller postoffice.
 Now with Corona restrictions, only 2 pay boxes were open and the queue waited outdoors in the street; I waited 45 minutes in order to buy 2 stamps... my goodness what a set-back this is! 

Mind you, in Holland the waiting maybe shorter, but postoffices no longer exist there. We must deal our post and stamps at a bookstore who accepts the extra works for "postal works" at their paydesk and get some money for that from Dutch Post... However, we customers often must search for such a postal pay-box in a shop, as they're not welcomed by shopowners and thus don't last long there.

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