By DonnaWanna

Abstract Thursday - Shape

This big old date palm gave me some lovely abstract shapes for the challenge ;o). It was just down the road from the doctors and because I got there early in the end, very early, I went for a wander around and spied this beautiful tree!

The doc was happy with my progress and although I still don’t have a lot of movement there is enough to be hopeful that eventually it will get better and better.  I saw the hand therapist after I’d seen Dr Love and under his instructions she fitted me for a new spring finger extension splint to wear during the day and the other one at night.   
It felt fine when I first put it on and was ok for about an hour. But then it started to hurt the small knuckle at the top end of the finger and I had to take it off.  I remembered later that i did have quite a bit of bruising on that top knuckle so even though it didn't show up on the X-ray maybe that has a problem too ugh!  I’ll persevere with it again tomorrow and see how it goes! Sheesh!!!!

Anyways I’m fading fast after the early morning rise, I was a bit worried I might not wake up which made me wake up even earlier at 4.30am and I tossed and turned until 5.30 when I got up and stumbled through the day! 

Thanks for so much love for the sunset last night I was thrilled with all those stars and hearts ;o)xxxxx

In extras is a shot of Toto early this morning when I said to him in a stern voice “No, you’re not coming!” Because he was getting  all excited and thinking he was coming too lol he kept that shocked look going long enough for me to take a photo lol ;o)

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