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By HeidiAndDolly

Another Day, Another Forest!

I’m running on a theme here! The autumn colours are just amazing this week and the days are SO dark and grey (but not cold - yet!), so I’ve been revelling in the beauty of the trees and carpet underneath.

This is just a little copse on a walk I love, though there is a much bigger woodland close by. When I still had Dolly she would INSIST on going into this copse even though the main path was just outside it. There must have been wonderful smells in there for her.

Today I sat on a large fallen tree and had coffee from a flask and a pastry. Forest Fika! I then continued on the rest of my walk, doing a bigger loop than I had intended. The fresh air felt good and I wanted to be outside as long as I could before it got dark.

I feel perfectly fine after my covid booster yesterday except for a VERY sore arm, though that has eased off by late evening. Feeling very grateful.

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