By suehutton

As Promised...

I did tell you you would be seeing more of this pumpkin and my attempts to photograph it with a lensbaby Sweet 35. This is my second attempt.

I narrowed the aperture to f5.6 on the lens, (I don't think you can ever really tell if it's the same from lens to lens), and shifted the direction in which the lens was pointing so that more of the right hand side of the pumpkin appeared to be in focus. I also set the light colour on the lume cube panel to a variety of blue, which is why it looks 'colder' than it should be.

Better, but I think I could improve. So I shall be trying again.

Got to Open Church with half an hour to spare. Jean, Wendy and Diane were there. They were pleased to hear about the market traders offering another celebration market in a week's time and will likely be going. This pleased Louie, the fishmonger, when I saw him later this afternoon.

Bought a kilo of red chilli peppers, five long peppers and a box of sweet tamarind on the market all with a view to using them for still life.

Anyone want some chilli peppers?

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