About to crawl away

This is what you get when I almost forget to blip. 

Lazy lie in this morning, then pancakes and then messing about before finally going for my shower, coming out and realising there was no way I could walk Basil before my RPS Travel talk on How to Prepare Photos for Competition. Actually, it was more about Publication. Some useful tips.

Put my head over the parapet and volunteered to take over as editor of Travel Log. A benefit would be subsidy of the complete Adobe package including InDesign, but they didn't jump at the offer. I'd be asked to do other things first.

And then it was dark and then I had to blip. Used one of the peppers I bought yesterday that looked interesting when I bought it but not so much when I came to photograph it. Put it against a white background. I wonder if black would have been more dynamic. Might try in days to come.

Lens Baby Sweet 35 still attached to camera. This was the only shot that came out sharp for the stalk.

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