By dunkyc

Deer me....

What an outstandingly beautiful day it was today!

I had a much needed good night’s sleep and woke up feeling quite refreshed and in need of a walk. Paula collected me mid-morning and we took a stroll over Levens Deer Park, which was soaking up the glorious sunshine (see extras).

Not being much of a nature photographer, I was pleased to get this shot of one of the deer grazing. Not quite been able to catch the light, but you get the general idea…

Kendal’s puffa jacket party was still in full swing this morning as the tourists p*ss*d the locals off by filling all of the available coffee shops, and whilst I am being a little tongue in cheek, it is nice to see the town busy and those independent businesses doing well. Lord knows they need it after the last couple of years.

The remainder of the day has seen exceptional slothful laziness on my part with a box of maltesers being demolished in front of two games of football. In my defence, I did take care of some the c-word shopping business and seem to be making good progress.

I wonder if I’ll get my pony this year…..?

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