By Ingleman

Raising The Roof

On our extension we got the roof joists in today. We had agreed a visit from a roofer. To stay on target we need the roof doing this week. 
He didn't turn up.
He has had an accident involving a very sharp object, and instead of making my cigarette kiosk waterproof he was at A&E being stitched up.
Now I am waiting for a call from another roofer, but guess what. As Diana Ross once trilled,... "I'm still waiting..."

The joys, the excitement, the sense of excitement. And disappointment
Ah well, no one said it was going to be easy. But tonight I feel very, very tired. 
Early to bed I think, another big day tomorrow, must crack on..... 

Mrs I took Hollie for a run today, a beautiful frosty, sunny day. I was jealous. Would have preferred to be where she was, rather than where I was. 

Entertainment provided by Boris The Buffoon. Supposedly providing a statement at a news conference he decided to waffle inexplicably about his recent visit to Peppa Pig World. Has he lost the plot?.. . Who knows. 

I do hope the troubles and unrest in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany do not spread any further. One thing we do not need right now is riots and chaos on the streets. Fingers crossed. 

Stay safe everyone, and remember, if your builders let you down its not unreasonable to raise the roof, or pray it doesn't rain. 

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