Mono Monday: Week 409 ...

... candid.

There weren't a lot of opportunities for a person candid shot today so I'm going with this candid chipmunk photo! I keeping being amazed and shocked every time I see this youngster up and about at the end of November!  Doesn't he know he has to hibernate?!?

We only went to two places today and neither one presented any good candid shots of people.  R had an appointment at the doctor's office to have the packing removed from his sinus cavities following the surgery last week.  That's got to be huge relieve for him ... and he said it didn't hurt that much when they were removed.  No photo ops there.

Then we stopped at the grocery to pick a few things.  The store was crazy busy due to Thanksgiving this Thursday.  No photo ops there either.

I did take a great candid shot yesterday at Housenick of a young girl having photoshoot there.  We had just arrived for a walk and there she was!  I've added one of the shots I took in the Extras. 

Thanks to Carolina for hosting Mono Monday all this month.  

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