Ringmore Boats

I spent the morning catching up on a few things, one of which was my camera repair with Nikon. I phoned and found out that it had to go away to their specialist repairer (which I knew before). Apparently it was completed on 9th November. I was gobsmacked and asked why it hadn't been returned to me. 'It might be waiting for others to be shipped together'. 'For a fortnight?' I said in disbelief. The person I was speaking to seemed quite unfazed by this and I pressed him to chase it up and get it on its way to me. It's hard to believe that they have so little sense of urgency! I'm fortunate that it's not my only camera but it would be for many people.

This afternoon I went out to Shaldon and along the road to Ringmore. I took a couple of photos from the road and then walked down to the foreshore. I liked this one of boats on the shore with a little colour in the sky.

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