simple moments

By simplemoments



with a poinsettia plant


i ran into the market - intending to pickup only - a few items and what - did i see but - a plethora of poinsettia plants - just inside the door - all kinds: red, white, pink - and then my eyes - rested on this one - the only one of its - kind i could see - a lovely combination of pink - and cream leaves - my heart did a tiny skip

sigh - you must recall - my fortune with these - plants isn’t stellar at all - in fact they usually - begin to die within - the first week after - i bring them home - yet it doesn’t stop - me from trying - to get it right - i came close last year - with a wonderful pink - variation lasting into the - new year before the leaves - began their dreaded falling

so we’ll see how long - this plant will last - this time around - in the end though - the number of days doesn’t - really matter though - i’d be pleased if it - would last until christmas - for truly then - it would be…


happy day.....

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