By dunkyc

I am not a cook

I don’t think I am that great in the kitchen (or indeed most rooms in a given house), but then again, I’ve never really dedicated that much time to trying to be better. However, as everybody knows, practice makes……….well, when it comes to cooking: a mess.

Tonight though, I stepped up and made my first lasagne. I am ashamed of myself for not having made one sooner, because I love a good lasagne AND it was an absolute doddle (I cheated a little with some store-bought white sauce) to make. 

I also discovered that lasagna refers to an individual sheet of pasta and that lasagne is the complete dish. 

The proof of the pudding/lasagne will be in the eating, when it is served up to the children tonight. The last time I served them up a dish I had cooked for the first time, The Youngest vomited for a day. Whilst horrendous at the time, and it may have been a coincidence, it has set a pretty low benchmark, so fingers crossed!

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