St John's

It's been raining for much of the day but it did let up a bit this afternoon. I took a walk down to the village to pick up an item from the chemist. Whilst out I carried on down to St John's church and walked up to the sanctuary and chapel of rest behind it for my photograph. There are some interesting graves there including several of Nelson's Admirals who built or bought large mansions here with their prize money from the French Wars.

It started raining again as I took my photo so I headed for home. The wind is blowing up a hoolie now as storm Arwen moves in.

I chased up Nikon again today. I spoke to the same chap who told me he'd emailed the repairer but they hadn't got back to him (3 days later), it beggars belief. I asked him to follow it up and keep me posted but I'm not holding my breath. I'm at a loss to know what else I can do.

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