The long-faced tree

Not sure why anyone would nail things into an old tree but I spotted this on a walk round the area where my older son lives.

Through to Glasgow this morning. Traffic was OK for a weekday. My son and his partner have a big garden but the people who had the house before them did something quite odd to a sizeable part of it. No two ways about it, it's an eyesore. They have a really attractive and usable garden area but this large bit to the front of the house needs attention. They had a landscape designer round this morning and kindly invited us along. We have some experience of this sort of venture and it was lovely to be included.

They left to go to a birthday party for one of our grandson's little friends. Soft play fun for them. We left Glasgow and headed to our younger son's house. Ghastly traffic. I made it in time, but only just, to meet the six year old from school. I've never done this before because of Covid restrictions. It was a surprise for her and she didn't recognise me at first. I was wearing a mask of course. Luckily I had her two year old sister with me and the six year old put two and two together. She was gratifyingly pleased and excited to see me. I remember how excited my three were when my mum met them from school. Mind you she always had a Woolworths bag of sweeties - it was a long time ago.

Left them to have a family Friday evening and came home. Awful traffic again. Friday evening here now.

Watched the last episode of Shetland after my meeting last night. Looking forward to the next series already.

Trying not to think about the covid variant news. Have a good weekend blippers.

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