Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach

From the the Ridiculous!

What can I say about
This Ab Fab Loo?
It's at the end of our street
And it's very bright blue
Steve and Geoff use it
Well I think they do!
(I wonder if they sit
Because it's on quite an angle!)
But I won't say any more
Because we know what rhymes with "slants"!!
And this could get
Which would amuse the boys
Who love that sort of talk
One thing I AM sure of -
Joanna Lumley
Won't use one like this
Hers will be MUCH posher
And will probably have
A cushioned and warm seat!!
Well in this weather
Wouldn't we all like that?

P.S. Meaning of the phrase "From the sublime to the ridiculous"
Used when talking about a change from something extremely good or important (like yesterday) to something trivial or silly and not important.  But hey it is April Fool's Day today!!

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