It's a ...

...birds life. 

It was very cloudy, cold and windy today but I still took about 15-20 minutes to sit on the deck for some bird photography.  There was a lot of activity ... probably because of the weather conditions.  

These three birds are some of our winter inhabitants.  Although, the bird app Merlin says the song sparrow (top pic) is here year round we don't see them much in the warmer months.  But both the White-throated Sparrow (bottom left) and the Dark-eyed Junco (bottom right)  are truly only here for the colder months.  I love them all!

Since it was too cold for a walk we opted to do some shopping instead ... avoiding the Black Friday crowded stores.  We shopped for groceries and the stores weren't busy at all.  

Be thankful ... always.

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