Wonderfully Windy

Don't know if it's anything to do with Storm Arwen, but it's been incredibly windy today, so I aired the quilt and pillows and washed my beloved yellow linen bedding. We've now put our winter quilt on and my second most beloved red bedding, feels very cozy; it's going down to 2°C (35.6F) tonight.

Been going through my journal to delete extras so I could put two here. One is of a huge flock of coots we saw on the way to Reguengos, reckon there were over 300 of them (now deleted). And another of Aduro in the asparagus this morning when we went up to water the water tank base, because I loved it.

- a cozy house at no expense, we use our olive prunings in the wood burner, which is plenty for our small space; we suffered so much cold in our first three years in Portugal, in spaces we couldn't heat, especially as electricity is so expensive here
- stocked up with fruit and veg from the market again
- snow for the grandkids in Birmingham, and the son and girlfriend keeping safe right in the middle of the worst of Arwen, up on the east coast of Scotland

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