By Ingleman

Birch Leaf Survivor

Had a quiet day today, phew!  Mrs I had a nice lie-in whilst I took Hollie for a fabulous cripsy winter walk over fields still crunchy with yesterday's snow,  and ground hardened by the persistent chilly temperature.
Hollie had a great time and I got home just in time for coffee and Bennett's sausages on brioche buns, with lashings of ketchup......Yum, I am being spoiled. Or fattened up for some sacrificial rites ceremony....

Daughter Ell took me to Sainsbury's to visit the ATM. She has replaced her little mini sadly written off in a bad smash last month. (blip 24th October - Shepherd's Warning). She is still nervous, the crash has affected her confidence, but she is doing well and the new (mini) is gorgeous. A real tonic for her and I really enjoyed the ride.

Gary visited to give me an update on where we are at with the building work.....back to it first thing tomorrow and should be getting to first fix next week. Wow, things seemed to drag on while I was moving tons of bricks from one place to another, and manoeuvering large quantities of timber, sand and cement. But it is now speeding up and I am glad, really need to get this done now and it should be finished by end of the year. Hooray!

I decided not to visit Peppa Pig World today, sorry Boris, I needed to do my nails.

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