By dunkyc

Build a snowman

It has been another rather lovely day.

A lazy start to the day featured some freshly made banana pancakes, accompanied by some fruit all liberally doused in syrup. As I tidied up and half-watched last night’s Match of the Day, I looked outside and no sooner had I thought to myself “that looks like snow” when the first few tentative flakes began to fall, eventually coming down fairly heavily for a time before easing off. 

We were out in it as soon as possible for a little wander and the odd lobbing of snowballs at each other. The Youngest however, started building the body of a snowman, which began outside our house, continued on the walk to the park, whilst at the park and all the way back home again. Passers-by were smiling as they saw her clutching what was by now a muddy block of ice. I took it from her for the remainder of the walk and together with the head that m’boy had put together, we set him up at the front of the house (extra).

With the wee ones off for lunch with their mother’s family, The Eldest and I popped out for lunch and had a nice catch up and did a little Christmas shopping. The sun had come out by this point, so it was a very lovely but freezing cold day, so there was nothing for it, but to light the fire and crash out in front of the football.

The wee ones returned and so us boys cheered on Chelsea against Man U whilst the girls watched a film.

It’s amazing how a weekend, which had no real plans at the outset, can fly by so quickly.

Clearly having far too much fun.

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