An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sun, snow, sciatica…

Yesterday I had the most physically active day I’ve had since I started having back pain a few weeks ago. I am suffering for it today.

Woke up just after 7am and on checking the weather and realising it was to be a fresh, sunny day, I thought it would be lovely to head to Loch Rannoch.

Once showered and dressed it was decided a cooked breakfast was in order (thankfully the Tesco delivery got here) before David and Adrian tackled an 8km forest walk with Lola. There had been a light fall of snow and the view from the lodge was very pretty.

When they headed off Agnes and I settled down to do some knitting (for her) and crochet (for me). They returned much sooner than expected as the route was impassable due to all the fallen trees as a result of Storm Arwen! They also said the main road was an ice rink so driving was not a great plan. Oh well nothing else for it but to stay cosy in the lodge and have coffee and cake.

I was secretly glad driving was a no no as I’m not sure I would have managed down the few steps and into the car!

On the bright side staying at the lodge
meant I got Anna’s blanket finished! Yay! :-)) I’m really happy with it. It’s my favourite thing I’ve crocheted so far.

Agnes was also taken with it and ditched her knitting and announced she wanted to learn to crochet. I gave her a spare hook, some yarn and a link to my favourite beginner’s You Tube tutorial. After a couple of false starts and some guidance from me I’d say she’s off to an excellent start. Told her I’d have her painting and taking photographs by the end of the week too ;-))

Dinner then settled down to watch the Strictly results. Can’t believe Dan Walker is still there!!

And now it’s 3am and I am sitting sideways on the bed with the edge of the mattress under my ankles as it is the only way to get relief from the sciatic pain.

It’s weird that sitting in this position means I am completely pain free. I am using my time wisely and uploading my blip.

Tiredness is beginning to take over so I will very gingerly change position and hope I get into a deep sleep…

(Just realised this posted against 29th November so deleted and reentered on the correct date)

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