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By Damnonii

Snapchat silliness and other things...

Backblipped 06.12.21

Agnes joined David, Adrian and Lola on their morning walk.  Lola was very excited by this, so much so that she almost pulled David over when she ran back to chase them up whenever they slowed down (David has a very fast walking pace!)  Meanwhile I stayed at the lodge correcting an error I found in the edging of Anna's blanket.  Thankfully it was minor and didn't take very long, but I'm glad I spotted it.

When the wanderers returned we had brunch (which was really lunch) then settled in for the afternoon as the the weather turned even colder and wetter and none of us fancied braving the sleet!

Adrian and I did our annual December ritual of playing with snap chat filters.  We were howling with laughter. We were having too much fun to be bothered by the pitying looks coming for Agnes and David :-))

I continued to talk Agnes through the joys of crochet and she's picking it up really quickly.  Karelia House is not far from our lodge (owned by the same people) so I think a visit will be required to stock up on yarn.

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