An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Here's looking at you...

I can happily report that we all had lovely warm showers this morning.  No idea what went wrong yesterday.

We had arranged to meet our friends Keith and Mairi in Amble for lunch.  They were passing through on their way to Newcastle to see Rick Wakeman.  We thought we would go back to the cafe we went to on Monday but alas when we got there it was closed.  Tried another cafe but the menu wasn't quite what we were after, before finally ending up in Spurreli,  a lovely coffee shop and ice cream parlour, voted by Trip Advisor in 2014 as the best Ice cream parlour in the uk.  

But we weren't sampling the ice cream today, instead we tucked into six bowls of lentil and vegetable soup (that's a bowl each for 6 of us, not 6 bowls each :-) with thick crusty tiger bread and Lurpak butter.  It was absolutely delicious.  Proper home made chunky soup.  Puts hairs on your chest as my wee gran used to say :-)))

We all had a lovely catch up in that welcoming warm space, with lovely friendly staff.  Amble is deemed England's friendliest port and we've found nothing to contradict that.

Coffee and a range of goodies followed the soup and bread, including Biscoff slice, millionaire's shortbread, gingerbread and crispy mars bar traybake.  We left full and happy :-)

We waved Keith and Mairi off then made a quick detour as the Co-op to stock up on wine.  Back to the cottage to relax.  Reading for Agnes, jigsaw for Adrian, music for David and crochet for me.  Fresh pasta and garlic bread for dinner followed by a relaxing evening watching a film.

Think we might be going to Alnwick tomorrow, which means a trip to my favourite book store, Barter Books :-))

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