Every Picture Tells .....


Gate Head Lane


It had been a very cold night and I am glad I do not have to go out to work anymore. It was so icy that I struggled to get the wheelie bin up the drive and any idea of going for a run this morning was out of the question as I have no wish to visit the A&E department again this year.

This afternoon I armed myself with some secateurs and  went for a walk down Gate Head Lane looking for some holly with berries (for Christmas decorations). I found a lovely specimen at the side of the lane and managed to return home with half a carrier bag of branches. I also returned home minus a glove so I had to go back and retrace my steps. As always, I had dropped it at the furthest point from home. 

I took this shot/these shots close to where I found the missing glove.

Blip informs me that today is my 9th Blip Birthday. It's algorithm must be wrong because it's not really until the 6 January 2022 but I'll not argue and later I will have a glass of Glenmoragnie to celebrate.

The original photographs are in the extras

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