…………………both ways, of the old bridge to Berwick.

A day spent running after others…the boys this morning then my little sister arrived for a shower at lunchtime. Sadly the water pressure had dropped drastically by the time she arrived so the shower wouldn’t work…she did get fed, warmed up and things recharged though. Then a phone call from another sister to see if I could take Mum off her hands as it may be Friday before their power is reconnected…a trip around the shops getting her some batteries and candles to keep the pub lit for a few more days then across to Wooler to pick Mum up.

Wooler featured heavily on Look North tonight…filmed just after I’d picked Mum up. They have got water but no power and little mobile phone signal. Our water has been largely restored and I enjoyed a shower this morning but the pressure has been up and down all day as the system gets up to full speed.

Not sure now when I’ll catch up with everyone but I’ll try my best.

Thanks to Carolina for hosting Mono Monday this month.

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