I phoned the Health Centre this morning  -  spent 10 mins waiting in line to get through to reception. My blood pressure tablets have finished and I hadn't heard from the doctor so I needed to know what happens next.  The receptionist said that as I was tolerating these new tablets then I should get them put on to my repeat prescription.  However last time my blood pressure was checked by a nurse it was still high and my home readings have been high so I didn't think it was the correct advice to just keep taking the same tablets.  So she said she would ask my doctor and get back to me.  Got a text late this afternoon asking me to call the surgery.  Another long wait to get through --- and when I did get through I was cut off and had to do it all again.  Anyway I was told I needed to make a phone appointment with my doctor to discuss things.  So that's happening tomorrow. Its so tedious these days getting anything sorted at the Health Centre.

( Feel free to ignore all the above - Ive included it as it helps me if I need to look back to remind myself what happened and when )

Weather was OK today.  No more snow, no wind and it was quite mild --- so I had a walk to the village.  Saw a bit of evidence of Storm Arwen - mostly just large branches scattered around - but in the back lane there was quite a large conifer which had toppled over and was resting on the fence of one of the allotments.The allotment holder probably doesn't even know about it.

I had 3 parcel deliveries today.  Its great sitting at the computer doing all your Christmas shopping but not so good when it all starts arriving and all the boxes need unpacking  -  and then there's all the cardboard and packing materials to sort out as well. 

One of the parcels had been taken in by my neighbour Jim so I went round to get it.  Jim was fine ... but his wife and two of his three young children have Covid.  The children aren't too bad but his wife has had to take to her bed.  Hope they all get well soon.

The Mono Monday challenge is Double Exposure. Not an easy challenge for me.  I took a few shots and tried them together and nothing seemed to work really well.  This is the best of the bunch.  A tree and a feather. Both seen on my walk today.  Thanks to Carolina for hosting.

Steps today - 8,090

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