By pensionspoet

Old Wall new sockets

Today has been long and tiring. I was up at 6 and driving in to Norwich at 7. This time I parked at County Hall using one of the 12 parking days I have been allocated for the rest of the tax year. Good to have the flexibility of driving to the door - but still a long day.

I spent all day training a colleague who has been with us since about March, but who has had virtually no face to face contact with any of the team. It is really hard to train on Teams. Apart from that i did very little.

Left at 4.20 and got home at about 5.40. Mollie had prepared dinner, and we all got our clothes together for tomorrow. A very early start for Manchester tomorrow and hoping the roads are OK.

Kitchen update - these are a few of the new sockets Henry wired in at the weekend. Quite a nice colour. It is slow going but hope for more visible progress by the end of next weekend!

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