I can’t promise to do it every day, but today I thought I would get into the spirit of Kathryn’s Haiku and when you read it at the end, you will see what I have done.  This could really be a Silly Saturday shot, but there is no way it can be a Tiny Tuesday one, so just humour me!

I went out into the garden, all decked out in my hat, scarf, mask and gloves, only to find when I got back indoors and had taken them all off, and looked at the various shots, that my “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” badge was the wrong way round!

Undeterred, I sorted that out on my iPhone, decked myself up again in all the gubbins, and off I went - back into the garden and peeped through the passion flower plant again. 

Once again, back indoors, I realised that all the shots I had taken didn’t show my gloves.  Thankfully, Mr. HCB has gone out walking with his friend, so didn’t see all the malarkey - but I can imagine him rolling his eyes, if he had!

So, I said out loud, “Are you really going to bother getting all that clobber on again and go back out?”  It was a no-brainer really;  I decided if I was going to do it, it would be done “proper-like” so I decked myself out again, complete with purple hat, purple scarf, new purple face mask and multi coloured fingerless gloves, knitted by me.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about lippie because I was wearing a mask!

So here I am - and it only took 42 shots to get this one!  You can just about see my fingerless gloves - and I hope that Kathryn will feel I have done her Haiku proud today.  I put a purple-ish border on in the Carbon app and if nothing else, I hope the shot and how I eventually got it will make you smile on a day when there might not be much to smile about.  Stay safe.   

Third Day of Advent
I’m all bundled up
in hat, scarf and gloves; face mask
warms my nose and mouth.
Kathryn Epps

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