Today I have generally tidied up and caught up on a few little random jobs. I didn't get all done that I wanted to do but there's tomorrow, before I have to go to work. 

Another thing I had to do today was pop into town to the main sorting office to collect an underpaid item of mail. I asked to see the item first - if it was someone I barely know sending me a Christmas card with no stamp as happened last year they could keep it. It was something I wanted though, and I doubt very much that the sender realised they sent it short as there were enough stamps on. One of them had been declared "Fake" by the mail service though. 

A bit of Googling revealed that there are fake stamps in circulation. Most are sold online, but some have been bought from Post Offices! It is possible to tell, but I think you'd need a magnifying glass!

I took this shot of one of the St Marks decorations. They are so much nicer than the main town ones. I must go down there one evening when I'm not working and get some shots when the lights are actually on.

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