By ArcLight


Throughout the time we've been visiting Tampere, there have been tramworks. Sounds familiar? Just slightly...

Anyway I couldn't resist this as my farewell blip.

Long day from waking early in the hotel feeling a bit anxious about stuff, through a farewell coffee and korvapuusti and coffee and then a farewell lunch, before a Teams from my office and then my usual class but on Collaborate and with JDz as guest speaker... Then I left my office and the university for the last time, leaving my key in the office. That felt a very peculiar end. Swiftly back to collect our bags at the hotel and then to wait for our train back to the airport. No delays today. However, the most confusing or even discombobulating thing was that since we were there on Saturday night some new parts of the Terminal have opened. That means there may be a shorter route to the hotel from the train station. We'll see, if there is a next time. We just about managed not to get lost, although it was a close run thing. And stayed in the Hilton Helsinki Airport a few times and it's always pretty comfortable and a genuine onsite hotel but without being noisy.

A bit of a damp squib ending to what was once a perhaps romantic dream. Anyway onwards and upwards.

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