A day in the life

By Shelling


A whole day spent in Kalmar, mostly at the theatre being a sound technician for todays artists Lise & Gertrud. They have been working as a duo for twenty years working in the same way, making new shows using old songs, mostly rock, pop and soul music, arranging them and putting them in a context. They are so impressive, after knowing each other for thirty years and working closely together for twenty, they are so musically tight and has, over the years, developed an intuitive level of performing together on stage. Who would think you could do something so exciting using "only" a cello and two voices. It's been a perfect day together with Lise&Gertrud.

They do two shows, both an hour long, while people eat soup, drink coffee and enjoy the music. The first one at 12 and the other at 17:30. My day is twelve hours long, from 8-20, with a few hours in mid day when it's not worth going home, because that takes at least an hour there and back, so often I do errands and sit in cafés, reading. On my way back to the second show I took a picture down the street, a no-cars-street to show some of the light decorations Kalmar offers. Today was a cold day with a nasty wind that kept people off the streets. It's not always this empty.

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