Mono Monday: Week 410 ...

... Double Exposure.

Alternate title: Cross eyed?

This isn't my best effort ... not by a long shot!  But my current camera doesn't have the ability to do double exposures by taking two consecutive pictures.  However, there is the ability to overlay two photos.  This can be done in-camera and this is the result of overlaying a photo of Cheddar and one of Kiera.  Like I said ... not my best effort!

I had an appointment this morning for a follow up MRI of my pancreas and surrounding area.  I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon on Monday and he wanted to have this MRI done in advance to that. I should have the results in a few days.  Anxious days ahead. 

Thanks to Carolina (Carolyn) for hosting Mono Monday all this month.  I believe Laurie54 will be hosting in December.  She is also looking for hosts for the second half of 2022 ... except for October.  A post on the challenges page lists all the upcoming hosts as well as a great list of basic hosting duties ... please have a look.

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