Lehigh Valley Zoo ....

... left behind.

Today is probably going to be the last nice day for a while so we headed over to the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  Thankfully it wasn't busy at all!  We didn't have the place all to ourselves but it was pretty darn close. 

As we were walking around I came upon this left behind trash sitting on a picnic table.  I can only guess that this is last night's trash as the beverage shops weren't open for the day yet.  The Zoo is having their annual Light Spectacular that is held nightly after dark.  These are most likely from someone that attended last night ... disgusting!  And, yes, that's a half eaten pastry! It's a good thing we aren't in the midst of a pandemic or anything! :-(

In my extra is a picture of an Australian Wallaby.  It's not a great photo as I was shooting into the sun.  In all the hundreds of times we have been to the zoo this is actually the first time we have seen these wallabies!  There are two here at the zoo ... and they are brothers.  And so, so cute!

As I'm backblipping this the following day (Monday) I'm going to pass on posting the Pennsylvania COVID-19 stats for today.  Unfortunately, that means tomorrow's stats will look terrible.  Sigh ...

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