Tiny Tuesday ...

... Dark-eyed Junco.

I was finally successful in snatching a photo of our winter visitors ... the dark-eyed juncos.  And just in time for Tiny Tuesday.  Although it did take me all day to do it ... this was shot late in the afternoon.  Thanks to davidc for hosting this month.

A weird thing happened this morning that through my entire day off.  We don't usually get our mail until late in the afternoon ... when it's delivered at all!  But this morning we got the mail before 8:00 am!
In the mail was a letter from my surgeon's office with orders to get blood work at least three days prior to my follow up appointment.  The problem?  My follow up appointment is tomorrow!  

So ... after my coffee and shower I ran over to the blood work labs to get it done.  Unfortunately, there were several people ahead of me and the wait was ridiculously long!  And to top it off at one point when I knew I was next the phlebotomist came out and called another woman that came in after I did.  I spoke up because I'd been waiting longer and as I age I'm getting braver at doing things like that!  He asked me my name and disappeared for a few minutes.  And when he came back he thankfully called me in.  The blood draw was painless and I was soon on my way.  But it really threw my whole day off. 

The day improved greatly after I got home and spent some time out with my wildlife.  Then later for supper I made stuffed winter squash ... which I think was a sweet dumpling squash.  I used cauliflower rice instead of the real stuff in order to cut down on the carbs.  And then after supper I made zucchini bread using almond flour.  Both were delicious. 

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