Snow on Stuc a’Chroin

1st December and we're in to winter now. A dusting of snow on the very top of Stuc a’Chroin. It's at least 20 miles away so my wee camera did quite well. The sun and lovely light helped.  If you can this is much better viewed large, or so I think. 

No childminding today. There's covid in the six year old's class at school so, although both the girls are OK, we all decided to play it safe.

I'm busy now reviewing notes from last night's meeting with Living Streets. Think this could be exciting. I also have to read and annotate the transcripts of yesterday's evaluation interviews. The transcription software produces some oddities. For example there was no discussion of the Peloponnese War nor was John Locke invited to participate. I need to get going while my own notes still make sense.

Yoga later then that's it for Wednesday.

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