Abstract Thursday: Cinderella

We all have to clean our living space. We don't all have to do it at a silly hour of the day. It's my choice though. It feels more productive to me to do something practical than ruminate. And a blip appeared too.

I rarely enter the abstract challenge as I'm never sure how to approach it. This way feels a bit lazy (is that John Knox I hear muttering in my ear?) but why not. Anyway thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the challenge every week. If you're wondering what it is I'll put the original in the extra.

Yoga last night was good. I do very gentle yoga but even so I enjoyed returning to basics yesterday. Not being physically in the studio for so long has definitely made me less determined to get the poses right. So it was good to be reminded of, and taken through, some building blocks.

Annotating the transcribed interviews continued. I know it's software so it can't think to itself, "this makes NO sense" but honestly. It gave me some laughs and a bit of hysteria. Work continues today with another interview to be followed by another transcript. The interviews are great. So interesting and decent of people to give their time.

I forgot to mention that the advent windows kicked off again yesterday. My friend F. who started this idea maybe 6 years ago lit her window (always so clever and witty) as did the hairdresser. Altogether I think 70 households and businesses in the area are participating this year with donations going to the defibrillators. They need new batteries next year. Our window isn't till much later in the month but each day there will be more and more lights to see us through the dark month of December.

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