OMG It's Snowing!

My thoughts when I opened the curtains just now! It did not last very long and hasn't really settled. I popped outside though, as an early Blip on a Double-Day is worth a fortune. 

The spider web in the back yard caught my eye, and there you go!

Spiders are definitely evolving! I don't remember seeing these hammock style webs a few years ago - at least, not outside of a nature documentary about some Amazonian terror-spider! We may be on the menu in a few years if they ever learn to cooperate! Lee said that when they did up the hall opposite Baggholme chippy a while back they found a web-bound rat corpse under the stage... He could be a wind-up merchant but I don't entirely disbelieve this!

Last night - well, early hours of this morning if we are going for accuracy, Brian and I booked our Booster shots for a couple of weeks' time! 

It was weird and awkward with masks at work last night - my glasses steamed up every time I opened the chip box! Better get used to it I suppose! I'd say around half of the customers didn't bother!

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