By Bom

Jacob Marley Perhaps?

This cottage door in Jetty Street in Cromer made me smile, with the name, door knocker and xmas wreath it made me think of Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol. I looked it up when I got back and it’s a well rated holiday cottage, it looks lovely and it’s certainly well situated. I had to go over there to visit the building society and drop off some soft plastic for recycling at the Co-op, but I didn’t hang around long afterwards as it was bitterly cold and windy. I took a few photos of the pier, the sea was looking quite choppy. 

Day 626 / Day 137 of Step 4 of Roadmap Easing (for my record only)
10 more Omicron cases were identified in the UK today. Daily cases rose to 53,945, the highest no. since mid July with a spike due to the Euros. Germany has ramped up anti Covid measures, with unvaccinated people being excluded from non-essential stores, cultural and recreational venues. Their Parliament is also to consider making jabs mandatory. (A man walking behind me in Cromer was ranting / swearing to his partner about it, saying he’d kill anyone who tried to stick him, and don’t they know they’re killing us!). Germany’s health service (I think with more beds, doctors and nurses than ours) is already struggling to cope. Experts in South Africa are giving conflicting info on Omicron re its infectiousness. A Christmas party is in Oslo has led to between 50 and 60 people catching Covid, sequencing is on-going, but at least 1 is Omicron. The Govt has signed contracts for a further 114m vaccine doses from Moderna and Pfizer to cover the next two years. The UK regulator has approved another antibody based treatment called Sotrovimab (brand name Xevudy) for use on people at high risk of developing severe disease, at the point their disease is mild to moderate. Scientists think the very rare blood clotting side effect with adenovirus vaccines is caused by it binding with a blood protein called PF4. 

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