Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Gracias, Amigos

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my 4,000th blip. I frequently mention that I love numbers (good thing or I would have made a lousy math teacher!) One of my favorite things to do on Blipfoto is to celebrate blips that end with zeros. I learned this lesson from a friend who made a big deal out of my 60th birthday. In her speech, she said that it was important to mark those “zero”milestones. (She was told accidentally years later I had turned 54 that year.)

When my enthusiasm or creativity wanes, as it does to us all at one point or another, I try to accept a new challenge or let myself be inspired by others. When all else fails, I reach towards the next set of zeroes. It seems to have worked so far. x

Thank you for the warmth and support many of you have shown towards my amazing friend WVgirl on the passing of her partner, David, last night. I first met her in 1984. She is probably the kindest, most gentle and thoughtful person I have ever known.

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