Notes To Self

Strava Day 190/75 Hard Off Phase Day 8.
Outdoor workout, reading and a couple of liters done. Currently re-listening to Jordan Syatt and Paul Carter talk about the science of building muscle because there is something Paul said that keeps popping in my head for several days now. He says, it is in his non-negotiables to approach every day with integrity. He also in passing mentions that part of the human condition is for us to fill the need for purpose and meaning in our life. He even says that the diet and training method that we have invested in emotionally, finding a community who shares similar goals and ideologies is in fact a way for us to deepen the meaning that we are gradually creating.
Yesterday, I saw someone I knew from twenty years ago at the grocery and did a radical thing: I did not avoid him and then when he inevitably passed by the aisle I was on, I called his name. He apologized and said he doesn't recognize me and I just smiled (with my eyes) and said I used to go to his store back in college for music and prints on statement shirts. I did not say my name because he probably will not remember me even with it as he used to deal with hundreds of students on the daily.
Featured photo is about accepting reality. Even if I "planned" this shot (I saw this biker on a slow pace coming through from afar so I stepped back to make sure he is in the frame when he passes), I couldn't possibly have done anything to control how this composition would have the 5:55 timestamp. I did capture a different image at 5:55 but it would be stubborn if I choose that over this just for the timestamp.
Dizem quo om bom fotografo tem que saber esperar. That is what I recite in my head whenever I attempt street photography and sometimes when I'm feeling impatient. It is Portuguese for: They say a good photographer has to know how to wait.

Here's to you finding time for both creativity and patience today. Thank you for passing by.

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