By dunkyc

Cheeky monkeys

My sister made these for us a few years ago and I always like digging them out of the Christmas decoration pile.

She’s been on my mind today as she finishes up for her second round of maternity leave in preparation for the arrival of what m’boy hopes will be a boy for him to kick around with. We’ll all just settle for “healthy”.

Not done an awful lot else besides being on endless phone calls and sorting out a myriad of issues. Also needed to do a little prep work for a trip away tomorrow on work business.

The wee ones were tired too when they came home, so dinner was put on, showers were had and we curled up under our blankets with the fire crackling away to watch the very silly, but still charming; Nativity.

Matty got a little upset in some of the sad bits and burrowed into me.

Always feel like a proper Dad in those moments.

P.S. Sorry if I’ve been a bit rubbish in keeping up with your brilliant blips, it’s been a stupidly busy and tough time lately and I don’t think I’ve handled it very well, but am trying to do better!

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