By dunkyc

It’s a Wonderful Play

Having packed the children off to school, I thought I was set to head off on my trip Down South, but as we walked through the playground The Youngest told me that she’d left all her teddies at mine.

A quick detour back home and via EW2’s house and Asda and I was off on the open road, which was pretty rainy and not that open. I had the radio on and the fallout from the now infamous Tory party…party had increased in toxicity with the release of the video of the then government spokesperson giggling her way through a mock press conference held to help her deflect questions. For those not in the UK, it’s caused a stir as this party was held when rules prohibited any such gathering and around 560 people were reported dead that day. Whilst the party-goers broke the rules, those obeying them were unable to see or say good bye to loved ones for the last time and it’s just despicable. Rather than “own it” Johnson has tried to deny it and like the morally repugnant turd he is, he is now distancing himself from it - the old “responding to what I had been told” defence.

With new restrictions being announced today, it will be interesting to see how many are willing to obey the new rules against the backdrop of all this clownshoery. Going to stop writing about this here for fear of descending into a full-on foul-mouthed rant. Quite pleased with “morally repugnant turd” though…

On a much nicer note, having arrived Down South in good time, it meant I could enjoy a nice tea with my parents, prior to going to my old stomping ground (Chelmsford Theatre Workshop) with my mother and sister to watch my father play Uncle Billy in the play version of It’s A Wonderful Life.

The ol’ boy did a cracking job in playing multiple roles, particularly as he came to the stage quite late in life and is really learning the craft. Felt very proud of him (that’s him on the far right of a photo I took from a photo in the programme)! It also gave me the chance to have a catch-up with some old friends and do a little reminiscing.

Nostalgia: it ‘ain’t what it used to be.

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