By Marionb

A Bird In The Hand....

...Is Worth A Blip In The Bush...

It was a beautiful sunny day today and as I had been holed up in the house pretty much for days, I left my Christmas preparation tasks behind and went down to the lake to get some fresh air and perhaps an outdoor blip for a change.

My usual goose and duck parade greeted me and I obliged their need to be photographed, but today I hit the jackpot of "bird eating out of my hand" blip-ops. This fellow I had met along the shore happened to have some birdseed to why not? I was totally inundated with chickadees, one actually sitting on the top of my phone as I was taking photos of another one in my other hand..It was like being a kid again! It "sparked joy", so-to-speak. 

On my way in to the lake earlier, I had followed a turkey that was strutting down the path totally oblivious to my presence, not ceding any territory either to let me I just tagged along behind taking picture after picture...and at one point, said turkey puffed out its wings and spread them out wide as if about to do a huge full-out twirl  - like a fashion model on the runway! Priceless...would have been my main, but for those adorable chickadees...But as I was so enamoured by the strutting, flamboyant turkey in its surprisingly beautiful feathery finery, I just had to add an extra! 

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