By carliewired

Blue Sky and Sunshine!

Snow overnight but
the sun arrived just in time
to brighten my lunch! 


The weather was miserable when I was making my coffee for 7 AM. It was a chilly -4 C with a brisk wind blowing the new snow and making a wind chill of -12 C.  The sky was overcast and sunrise was not to be seen. 

I waited until after 10 to clear the driveway. The wind was still whistling around the house and blowing the snow around. There was 4 inches of light, fluffy snow. I had to be very careful moving the snow as the driveway has many slippery spots. 

At 11 I was heading down the hill to the Schubert Drive Lookout. I crept up the hill to the main road in first gear. I was very happy that the city had cleared the parking area before I got there. I got a look at the contraption they use to plow the sidewalks and parking lots as it zipped by on the sidewalk. 

My mountains looked glorious in the sun. I looked north to the bridges over the North Thompson River. The ice shelf along the edge of the river has expanded as our temperatures have dropped. The ice pans floating by catch the shelf and make that tinkling sound like you hear when you swirl a drink glass with ice in it. 

I stopped for a few groceries on the way home. The forecast is for more snow which might just mean I stay home. I stocked up on a few things. Although I was able to get out of my cul de sac I had problems getting out of the grocery store parking lot. I had to drive out onto a connector road, but when I stopped at the stop sign I could not move up onto the road. After several attempts, a nice young man behind me got out of his car to put his shoulder to my truck and give it a push. Success! I was on my way home! 

I am home listening to the radio and making more quilting plans. 

The forecast today is for a high of -2 C. As it has cleared, we will have a colder night tonight with a low of -12 C. More snow is expected on the weekend.

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