Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



Diane asked to change our Sunday walk to Thursday, so we set off in the morning. We chose Al Seef because it is so pleasant to walk there. G had the camera this time, so not as many pictures got taken! I took the two I've blipped. The main image is at the Souk Al Kabeer abra station as we waited to catch a water taxi. The Creek is always so photogenic, and the clouds helped add some interest to the sky. The extra is of our "Twin Towers".

Back to our side of the Creek, we stopped for a drink, sitting outside. Back home, and it was straight to my laptop. I ended up doing over five hours of invoices until I stopped for dinner and then T@3! Our first time to it in months. We had a very happy time catching up. Chilling, watching TV for what was left of the day. It's been a hectic one!

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