A day in the life

By Shelling


A welcoming heart at the door might reveal a welcoming heart inside. My time here is running out, during the five years I've lived here, the house has passed the stage where "a lick of paint will fix it", won't do anymore. I've done small things like painting some of the windows and putting rubber sealing strips on every door and window to keep the draft down to a minimum. I was never supposed to do any house-keeping in the sense of renovating or changing things on the building. It's been many years since anyone did anything to fix this house, I see the details more clearly, now that I'm leaving, and the next owner will have to start from the top and work downwards, or tear it down and start all over with a new house. 

Not my concern anymore but still, people coming here are more than welcome to share some time with me here. Tomorrow I've invited some friends for dinner in the evening, it will be the last party here before I will start packing and throwing stuff.

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