By AnneILM60

A Happy, Merry Christmas

My day began with texting from my nephew in Glasgow, at 3 am! He had gifted Kent & I a donation to Against Malaria. This is very appropriate as one of my cousins that grew up in Kenya and then moved to Tanzania, died from malaria several years back.

I was generous to Kent and gave him and extra hour this morning as I didn’t get up and dressed until 5 am!

Both of us were spoiled with lots of goodies to open and then the real texting and phone calls began!

I spoke with my sister on the Isle of Skye, my nephew in Glasgow and my parents on Westray. We also had a video call with the gang in Utah so we could watch the grandkids open the gifts we had sent out there.

I cooked ham, mac & cheese, cornbread dressing, mash potatoes, gravy and rolls for Christmas dinner. I had apple pecan strudel pie, pecan pie & pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. We fed our neighbour Runyon as there was no need for him to cook too.

We then made a short visit to my brother & s-i-l’s where their kids & grandkids were just beginning to exchange presents. It was nice to watch my brother & s-i-l opening the gifts we had gotten them.

By then I was exhausted and so ready for a nap so we headed for home for some quiet time. As tired as I was, I couldn’t sleep. Ugh!

Good sleep tonight after such a long and busy day, I’m sure. Merry Christmas everyone.

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