Decisions, decisions

Do I use a mono of the duck carcass etc, bubbling away to make stock for today's blip, or do I snap a mono of the chaos, well part of it, you really don't want to see what's to the sides, or behind me, surrounding the laptop. . I need a woman cave at the bottom of the garden.
What a wet miserable day it's been. I rang Mum this morning to check if Suzanne had turned up to take Indie out.  Breathes a sigh of relief!. Walked up to the allotment with the veg waste for the compost heap, then up to town to collect the paper. Forgotten that as Xmas fell on the weekend the shops would still be closed, not all, the Coop & Spar were open. Back home I stripped the meat from the duck carcass, then got the bones bubbling away to make stock. Prepared some demi baguettes for tonight's dinner - garlic bread, home baked gammon & veg soup. Rang Mum again - Racing on tv, so arranged to pick her up so we could have an afternoons entertainment. Hubby had 4 winners plus a second, Mum had a winner, my horses are still trying to find the winning post.
Dropped Mum home, got back - she'd forgotten her glasses & purse. Does'nt need either again today so will drop them off in the morning.

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday #around the house

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